Spring Cleaning Your Apartment with Natural Products

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Our beautiful Solace on Peachtree apartment community is one that is green, which makes it a fantastic home if you are environmentally conscious. The spring season is quickly approaching, so you will probably want to get started on a spring cleaning project to freshen up your home. The most effective way to clean is to use all natural products that are … [Read more...]

Finding Furniture for Smaller Apartment Spaces

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Maximizing the amount of space you have is key to living in a studio apartment. Here are a few tips for finding furniture that looks great and does not take up too much space. Before you purchase a single stick of furniture, set a budget. Make sure that you have measured everything. Before you buy that table, make sure you have measured the … [Read more...]

How to Decide between a Studio or One Bedroom Apartment

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If you're single and plan to rent your own apartment, you may be trying to weigh up the pros and cons of studio vs one bedroom apartments. If you're thinking of taking a studio apartment, expect your living space, kitchen and bedroom to be in the same room, you'll usually just have a separate bathroom or shower room. The main advantage is that … [Read more...]

Laundry Facility Etiquette at the Solace on Peachtree Apartments

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One of the most convenient amenities at our Solace on Peachtree Apartments is the on site laundry facility. If you use our laundry facility always remember that so do your neighbors. Here's four tips via Apartment Ratings that'll help you have a smooth time doing laundry. Try not to leave your clothes unattended. Other people could be waiting … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Bar Cart is Easier Than You Think

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Bar carts may seem like an unnecessary component to your party gear, but in reality they are quite useful. They keep your liquor, mixers, cups, ice, spoons, and garnishes all in one central location so your guests can easily make themselves a drink. You don't need to go out and pay top dollar for an expensive bar cart though; making your own bar cart is … [Read more...]