Spend Labor Day Weekend at Stone Mountain Park


One of the most beautiful natural spaces is located 17 miles from your downtown Atlanta apartment on¬†1000 Robert E. Lee Boulevard - Stone Mountain Park. This park is home to the largest exposed granite monolith in the world. An array of recreation facilities and attractions are bundled into the natural landscape, making it a great place to spend Labor Day … [Read more...]

Put a New Twist On an Old Cookout at Your Atlanta Apartment


The grilling area at Solace on Peachtree¬†is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious barbecue with friends. You can walk right down from your apartment and cook out any day of the week. If you're tired of the grilling classics -- hot dogs and hamburgers -- try putting a new spin on them with these tips. Instead of using plain ground beef, use a … [Read more...]

Steel Restaurant & Lounge Offers Some of the Best Dining in Midtown


Less than one mile from Solace on Peachtree on 950 West Peachtree sits Steel Restaurant & Lounge. Offering the best sushi in Atlanta, it is open for lunch/dinner throughout the week, so why not indulge? One of many upscale restaurants in Midtown, the menu features an unmatchable selection of appetizers, fresh seafood and thirst-quenching … [Read more...]

Join Atlanta at the 2014 Piedmont Park Arts Festival


Did you know that based approximately a mile from our apartments in downtown Atlanta is one of the most entertaining public parks in the city? Of course it's Piedmont Park, the destination for a wide range of events. On August 16 and 17 it will fill with people for the Piedmont Park Arts Festival. Approaching its 5th year, the two-day outdoor event is … [Read more...]

Keep These Tips in Mind While You’re Running Around Atlanta


If you've been waiting for the weather to get nicer to embark on outdoor fitness adventures, now is the time to do it! Our apartments in downtown Atlanta are ideal for a jog around the city, so why not tie your laces and explore midtown on foot? When getting active outdoors, it's important that you prepare for the warmer temperatures, uneven terrain and … [Read more...]